We seek… yoga practitioners on the Yin Path of Equanimity who are ready to commit to their own practice and the improvement of our global commons, and deepen their refinement to the subtle realm

We envision… every woman, girl, and yoga practitioner to be strong, secure, empowered and enlivened.

Our mission… to offer enriching Awareness and Empowerment practices in a sanctuarious setting on the journey to become a Yin Yoga Teacher.

We honor… the dedicated discipline of yin yoga to create a consciousness network of strengthened and awakened yoga students who seek to refine the kinetics of their own practice or to teach others.



Kali Basman, international yoga teacher, is passionate about using yoga as a tool for self-inquiry, strength and healing. Specializing in Yin and Restorative textured practices to honor the lunar, often neglected side of yoga, Kali shares her teachings around the globe from Envision Festival in Costa Rica to retreats in Colorado and California. Kali pays reverent homage to her lineage of teachers, Sarah Powers, Paul Grilley and Judith Lasater.



Kylie Roswell is an energetic Vinyasa & Iyengar teacher spreading joy through yoga. Teaching from her heart-center, she connects the origins of love and spontaneous flow to refined dedication to a structured practice. Kylie is known to weave intentional Mantra music with her well-traveled ukulele, who has guest starred in yoga classes in India, Bali, and beyond.


" I feel extremely prepared to teach a Yin Yoga class with my own authentic voice, confidence, grace and ease! " - Practitioner, Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Summer 2017 - Cusco, Peru

"As I have learned Yin asks the body to gently hold in a pose for an elongated amount of time so that there is a path carved for the mind and body to find equanimity; therefore bringing deeper awareness, unlocking the body's meridians and thus igniting the mind, body, spirit connection for a transformational and empowered healing process" - Practitioner, Yin Yoga Teacher Training - Summer 2017 - Cusco, Peru

"You cannot miss an opportunity to train with Kali. She is an exceptional teacher. Yoga with Kali is transformative, inspiring and healing. She creates a safe, nurturing, encouraging environment for everyone from beginner to advanced. Kali is an insightful, intutitve, gentle and strong leader. Words are not enough to express how wonderful she is. She is a gift to the world. Do yourself a favor and study with her." - Practitioner, Yin Yoga Teacher Training - November 2017 - Bhakti Yoga Shala - Santa Monica, California