Structural Restoration & 5 Elements

Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Sedona Hot Yoga, Sedona Arizona

September 7-14th 2018


Beginning on new moon September 7, 2018, this Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training will focus on hands-on, anatomical, structural, and energetic based practices for restoration of the body mind. Blending Buddhist Concepts with the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the potent portal of the Sedona Vortex will serve as our home for the week.


-Invest in the inquiry – Delve into a rich and robust restorative practice to increase vitality

and surrender to your system’s innate wisdom.


Potent experiential practices in the Vortex to explore each of the 5 Elements will contribute to our ample exploration of sacred spaces. We will also include Ayurvedic Support practices and nutrition workshops.

- earth water fire metal wood -





- 50 Hour/ 7 days Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga Teaching Certification (50 HR Continuing Education Credit Course)

- Daily Yang & Yin Practice

- A Focus on Restorative Yoga 

- Traditional Chinese Medicine: 5 Elements Theory & Meridians

- Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy

- Yoga Philosophy

- Yoga Anatomy

 - Chakra Dhayana

- Subtle Energetics

- Teaching Practicum

- Daily Ayurveda & Dosha Quests- Organic Ayurvedic Teas & Snacks included

- Evenings Free to Explore the Vortex


Elemental Practices in Sacred Environments around Sedona:

Earth Element – Rest & Digest / Organic Farm & Essential Oil Outing

Fire Element – Bhakti Practice -Compassion & Devotion / Cacao Ceremony & Sweat Lodge

Water Element – Vital Restoration/ Oak Creek Sacred Waters

Metal & Wood – Putting it all Together: Renew & Recreate / Teaching Practicums


Cost: $1800

Early Bird - $200 off if you sign up before June 1st. 


Mention Sedona Yoga Festival and receive an extra $50 off – lead facilitator Kali Basman will be featured at Sedona Yoga Festival – use discount code Kali to attend the festival Feb 8-11.