Spend 5 days on the sacred North Coast beaches of Mancora, Peru awakening to the wisdom traditions of Ayurveda and Yin Yoga. Using Ayurvedic Doshas and the 5 Elements as a modality to explore meditation, nutrition, daily ritual, and a Yoga practice to balance your unique constitution, we will strengthen and tonify our pathways of Prana. Entering the realm of Retreat, we will weave in components of Restorative Yoga practices, Detoxification Processes, and the art of integrating newfound wholeness into sacred living.

This retreat will be held in at the world-renowned KiCHIC Boutique Hotel. KI comes from Japanese antique philosophy; it stands for energy, vitality and universal strength. CHIC is an international expression indicating elegance, style and class. The combination of the two, perfectly defines the spirit of this resort retreat.

KiCHIC was recently featured in Forbes magazine as “South America’s Next Great Beach Vacation”. Click here to watch a video of the resort.


Ayurveda Workshops

Morning Meditation, Vinyasa & Ashtanga Yoga

Evening Yin & Restorative Yoga Practice

Ayurveda Workshops

Chinese 5 Elements + Meridian Modules

Pranayama ~ Breathwork


Local Shamanic Healing Therapies & Juice Detoxes Available

Sessions offered are all in English


World Class Beachfront Yoga Studio & Accommodations

KiCHIC is a beautifully designed beach retreat center that allows cultivation of soulful awareness. The spiritual heart of the tropical grounds is the open air jungle yoga pavilion, made from rescued wood. Spa, massage, and local Shamanic healing therapies available upon request. 

Fresh Organic Food & Fresh Catch Fish Bar

At KiCHIC we are conscious about the nutrients we offer your body. We use locally produced, seasonal ingredients as well as the freshest produce from our vegetable garden, fused with quintessential Peruvian touches. With fresh catch fish and shellfish, KiCHIC’s menu awakens the senses. 



... for 5 days with full accommodation and fresh vegetarian meals...

*** $1500 early bird price if you sign up before June 1st ***


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