"I really appreciated the daily schedule. It was helpful to be done around 4 so we could have a full evening to integrate and rest. I enjoyed how clear the schedule was and that you stuck with it. You did a great job of presenting a lot of depth and material, but in chunks that were digestible and manageable. I never felt overwhelmed or tired with material. I appreciate this a lot! I've facilitated retreats and workshops also and know that this can be a challenge. Well done! I think this is especially important in a yin training, so the system is not ever overloaded. The training manuals is also top notch! Clean, organized, and a manageable amount of content." - Practitioner of Yin & Restorative YTT Sedona 2018

"I equate Kali's teachings to that of an angel that has been hand selected specifically for you, to guide you through your yogic journey with knowledge, grace, and acceptance. I didn't want the class to end and look forward to learning more of Kali's wisdom . She is a gift packaged in a petite human vessel." - Student, Bhakti Yoga Shala, Los Angeles

"The main thing is being able to integrate the meridians and elements into yoga classes. I'm really excited about this! You also gave us effective and fun ways to increase our awareness about cueing language (haikus, ways to work with our own practice, etc.) and the importance of articulation. I also have a whole new understanding from an experiential standpoint of pratyahara. Wow! Thank you! "- Practitioner of Yin & Restorative YTT Sedona 2018

"This training has transformed my perspective on how Yin can heal the physical by unlocking the energy flow of the meridians pathways, while creating space for a deeper spiritual connection."  - Practitioner, Intrinsic Wholeness Retreat Peru 2018

"I feel a greater level of comfort in teaching and guiding others after this course - more than I expected. Prior to the class I knew only bits and pieces on the principles and philosophy of Yin, where now many of the pieces fit together like a puzzle. I feel I have the tools and knowledge to better describe Yin and what it has to offer to improve the intrinsic wholeness of others. "-Practitioner, Intrinsic Wholeness Retreat Peru 2018

"Every part of the training was designed to help each of us find our voice and find the confidence to use them... by the end of the training, we were all roaring with confidence" 

"Just this one week transformed so much in my entire life! These two women are powerful, playful and together they bring a balance of Yin and Yang. They have the biggest hearts and so much passion, commitment and integrity in what they do. The curriculum allows you to learn basics but also reaches deep into your soul and connects you to yourself in unbelievable ways!" - Practitioner, 5 Elements Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Cusco

"I feel very comfortable to use my authentic voice as a teacher but I have also learned some things from others that I can now incorporate. Further I feel a lot more comfortable with giving adjustments." 

"Kylie's Yang to Kali's Yin was beyond perfect! She brought Fire and held the safest of space to explore the deeper, lower realms; unlocking blocks so that each of us could move forward as yoga teachers in authenticity! Kylie's a true Shaman and healer, while her teaching encourages the spirit to soar... free, wild and uninhibited. And Kali's Yin to Kylie's Yang was also beyond perfect! Kali has a beautiful balance of playfulness and fierceness to her teaching style that allows for both personal discovery and the discovery of yoga through it's ancient roots. Kali carries a wisdom that is truly imparted to her students through her teaching. It is an honor, a blessing and truly life changing to study under her guidance!" - Practitioner, 5 Elements Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Cusco

"As I have learned Yin asks the body to gently hold in a pose for an elongated amount of time so that there is a path carved for the mind and body to find equanimity; therefore bringing deeper awareness, unlocking the body's meridians and thus igniting the mind, body, spirit connection for a transformational and empowered healing process!"

"Understanding each element is key to truly understanding Yin Yoga and I feel each module brought to life each element. The exercise to connect in with the element that spoke to us was what brought it all together for me!" - Practitioner, Structural Restoration Yin Yoga Teacher Training, California

"Having never taught a yoga class before, I found Yin TT with Kali and Kylie to really help me find my authentic voice as a yoga teacher. Every part of the training was designed to help each of us find our voice and find the confidence to use them"

"I would not change anything about the Yin program! I felt everything was by design and for our learning. It was truly life changing in such a beautiful way for me! My heart is filled with such gratitude!"

"I am so incredibly grateful to do this work, to be aware, to have the opportunity to change my belief system and to clear so many of the dysfunctional patterns in my lineage and those which showed up in my marriage.  A mirror of what I needed to clear in myself so I can now stand whole in my own love and ready to embark on my biggest adventure yet! I thank you from the bottom of my heart, another example of the universe providing me with what I needed before I needed it.  Yin has been such an emotional safe haven for me to unravel these last parts of transformation and release."

"Kali has just a gift that I can tell has been nurtured with years and years of structure, guidance and strength through compassion with is truly remarkable. Her knowledge is astute and I am looking forward to the next training with her continue my journey I could not have asked for a more grounded teacher. I really like Kali’s guidance in accentuating the verbal language with breathe and on vowels. Very helpful technique that I personally I feel lucky was able to harness and hold space for others in the room. That part alone I found to be grounding."

"Kali provides the keys to the kingdom linking body, mind and breathe with subtle nuances enriched with her deep understanding of the knowledge of Yin Yoga. From the way she utilizes her vocals to move you through a posture or her creative way of breaking down the meridian channels and elements I felt my thirst for the awareness and insight into the Yin practice quenched a new depth of understanding of my body as well as a deeper mindful expansion of boundless nature for practioners."