Structural Restoration & 5 Elements Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training

Sedona Hot Yoga, Sedona Arizona

September 7-14th 2018


Beginning on new moon September 7, 2018, this Yin & Restorative Yoga Teacher Training will focus on hands-on, anatomical, structural, and energetic based practices for restoration of the body mind. Blending Buddhist Concepts with the Eight Limbs of Yoga, the potent portal of the Sedona Vortex will serve as our home for the week.


- Invest in the inquiry –

Delve into a rich and robust restorative practice to increase vitality and surrender to your system’s innate wisdom.

- earth water fire metal wood -

Potent experiential practices in the Vortex to explore each of the 5 Elements will contribute to our ample exploration of sacred spaces. 


- 50 Hour/ 7 days Yoga Alliance Yin Yoga Teaching Certification (50 HR Continuing Education Credit Course)

- Daily Yang & Yin Practice

- A Focus on Restorative Yoga 

- Traditional Chinese Medicine: 5 Elements Theory & Meridians

- Tibetan Buddhist Philosophy

- Yoga Philosophy

- Yoga Anatomy

 - Chakra Dhayana

- Subtle Energetics

- Teaching Practicum

- Daily Ayurveda & Dosha Quests- Organic Ayurvedic Teas & Snacks included

- Evenings Free to Explore the Vortex



Elemental Practices in Sacred Environments around Sedona

Earth Element – Rest & Digest / Sacred Vortex Hike

Fire Element – Bhakti & Karuna - Compassion & Devotion / Cacao Ceremony

Water Element – Vital Restoration

Metal & Wood – Putting it all Together: Renew & Recreate / Teaching Practicums

Sedona Hot Yoga Studio - 162 Coffee Pot Dr, Sedona

Facilitators: Kali Basman (Kali Durga Yoga) & Kylie Roswell

Read more about your facilitators: Kali Basman & Kylie Roswell


Cost: $1800 *

"Every part of the training was designed to help each of us find our voice and find the confidence to use them... by the end of the training, we were all roaring with confidence" 

"Kali and Kylie are not just teaching Yin Yoga 50 hours.  You are providing individuals with an opportunity to find their inner light and  strength.  (Teaching us to breathe) and provide the opportunity for beautiful souls to awaken together.  Again, I cannot express my gratitude through words." - Practitioner, 5 Elements Yin Yoga Teacher Training March 2018

I feel a greater level of comfort in teaching and guiding others after this course - more than I expected. Prior to the class I knew only bits and pieces on the principles and philosophy of Yin, where now many of the pieces fit together like a puzzle. I feel I have the tools and knowledge to better describe Yin and what it has to offer to improve the intrinsic wholeness of others." - Practitioner, Intrinsic Wholeness Retreat Peru 2018

"Just this one week transformed so much in my entire life! These two women are powerful, playful and together they bring a balance of Yin and Yang. They have the biggest hearts and so much passion, commitment and integrity in what they do. The curriculum allows you to learn basics but also reaches deep into your soul and connects you to yourself in unbelievable ways!" - Practitioner, 5 Elements Yin Yoga Teacher Training, Cusco

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